• Winning the Futurama: Catching Up with the Candidates One Thousand Years from Now

    If there's one thing that we, as a species, have learned from Futurama — Matt Groening's terrifying portrayal of the future of mankind — it's that every famous person's head will be preserved in a glass jar so that its tenant may live a life of near-immortality. Makes you wonder what that bit of knowledge means for our current crop of presidential hopefuls.

    Wonder no more, wretched human. Wonder no more…

    "I know I have in the past been opposed to an overthrow of civilization by machines," the Romney shouted at voters over the deafening sounds of machine gun fire, anguished screams and whirring hydraulic joints, "But I meant that strictly at the state level."

    More dystopic scenes of the future after the jump.

    Futurama's one-hour season premiere airs June 23 at 10/9c with two back-to-back new episodes! Then, starting June 30, the show will be part of "The Thurs-Dimension" with new episodes of Futurama at 10/9c followed by new episodes of Ugly Americans at 10:30/9:30c.

    "I don't like you either," the smiling head of Michele Bachmann snorted at the young man with an eerily pleasant negativity.


    "Newt Gingrich was noticeably agitated as he stood posing with his 37th wife, who was in fact a clone of his 29th wife, whom he'd had vaporized 50 years prior. If this photoshoot did not end soon, he would be forced to detonate a pulse charge into the studio, killing all biological beings within, including his new bride — he was running late for a rally in support of traditional marriage."


    "We don't leave the dome. Ever. That wasteland out there has long since been given over to the Mama Grizzlies."

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