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  • Jobs Bill Passes Senate Despite Overwhelming Support

    Although facing strong opposition (apparently?) from Americans angered by the lack of jobs and poor economy, the U.S. Senate has somehow managed to pass a bill to help get jobs for Americans and possibly stimulate the economy.

    Oh, that Senate and its wasteful spending! Grrrr!

    Companies that hire the unemployed would claim new tax breaks under a jobs-promoting bill the Senate passed Wednesday, delivering President Barack Obama and Democrats a much-needed victory.

    The 70-28 vote sends the bill back to the House, which passed a far more costly measure in December. Many in the House consider the Senate bill too puny, but they may simply adopt it and send it to Obama in order to get a win. Democratic leaders promise more so-called jobs bills are on the way.

    Do you know who I feel bad for in all this? Not the Americans who will be put to work despite their vehement protestations, but a droopy little -Democratic Senator from Connecticut.

    If Joe Lieberman had only been informed ahead of time that Scott Brown would be voting with the Democrats, thus giving it the wind to get passed, he could have a thought up a reason to oppose it. And then we'd all be talking about him today.

    Poor little guy.

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  • Rachel Maddow and Bill Nye Are Just Apologists for Big Weather

    Look at this shit! Here's admitted liberal academic Rachel Maddow talking to Bill Nye the Blasphemy Science Guy in an effort to prove away all the white fluffy proof of Global Warming's nonexistence that fell from the sky yesterday.

    How pathetic…

    I don't know about you, but I turned this off after the Sean Hannity clip. Whatever it was he was saying, that's good enough for me.

    And it seems like Maddow's been on a roll of useless segments lately. After the jump, there's a clip from the other night about the GOP's Love-Hate-Love relationship with bipartisanshipiness that you should totally not bother watching…

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  • Bipartisanship: The Play (Based on a True Story)

    (A Republican congressperson and Democratic congressperson stand together on Capitol Hill, discussing the stimulus bill.)

    GOP member: I'd like this in the bill.

    Dem member: If we put it in, will you vote for the bill?

    GOP member: You know I can't vote for the bill.

    Dem member: Then why should we put it in the bill?

    The end.

    I'm sorry; I should have warned you. It's kind of a tearjerker.

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  • Sen. Judd Gregg Develops Road-Sign Rage

    If Republican Senator Judd Gregg happens to be reading over your shoulder, quick, cover his eyes. Otherwise he'll put his fist through your computer screen when he sees that road sign

    The large green-and-white highway signs declare, "Project Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act." Sen. Judd Gregg, R-NH, describes them as the "signs to nowhere" and tried in vain Wednesday to stop the advertising.

    Democrats were nearly unanimous in voting to defeat an amendment by Greg that would have prohibited the use of stimulus funds for signs that advertise taxpayer spending on stimulus projects.

    Signs to nowhere? Well, he's right, this could be terribly confusing for motorists. "New Nottingnewingshireham, NH – 12 miles," fine, take a left at old man Grimsby's place and you're almost there; "Project Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act," whaaaa? How do I get there?

    In addition to being confusing, these signs are clear as day: they symbolize wasteful spending, no matter what Democrats say about "keeping the public informed" or some such nonsense…

    "These signs are simply for political self-interest, and it's high time we stop using stimulus dollars to fund them, and instead use these dollars for their intended purpose of creating economic activity," he said in a written statement.

    Exactly. And if we stop throwing funds into caves where the magic sign-making fairies live, why, think how much more money we'll have to invest in American manufacturers, small businesses and construction jobs.

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  • Neil Cavuto Wants to Know What He's Getting Out of Rat Sex

    Our friend Gladstone's new episode of Hate by Numbers dissects Fox News' Neil Cavuto and his fascinating fascination with economic recovery, scientific research and what he personally stands to gain from a rat-on-rat stimulus package…

    (If you watched the credits, you might notice that I contributed a joke or two. If you're wondering which ones, they're the ones that made you laugh. If none of them made you laugh, then I helped design the font.)

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