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  • Our Endorsements: Political Cartoons


    * The Adventures of Kim Jong Un Part II, from College Humor.

    * This poor 16-year-old was in high school when she became president.

    * Because it turns out reality is stranger than fiction.

    * SNL is going to get all up this election year's guts.

    * This election's attack ads are bad, but it could be worse.

    * What happens when you let Lord Voldemort start a Super PAC.

    * Kim Jong-un's wedding vows, via The Borowitz Report.

    * From The Onion: When Mitt Romney's away, the voters will play.

    * Ren and Stimpy creator wants to make a new cartoon about George Liquor, AMERICAN!

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  • Thanks to Senate, Donors Won't Even Get Receipt for Purchased Elections

    harry reidLate last night, Senate Republicans blocked legislation that would have forced corporations, unions and nonprofits groups to reveal the biggest donors behind their political ads. 51 Senators voted in favor of ending debate on the DISCLOSE Act and moving toward a final vote, while 44 Senate Republicans stood in opposition, leaving the measure 9 votes short of passage, according to anachronistic Senate math.

    DISCLOSE, which stands for Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light On Spending in Elections because our legislative process is built on acrostic poetry, would have required politicians to dress like NASCAR drivers, their suits emblazoned with the logos of corporations who support them corporations and unions to report any campaign-related spending over $10,000 within 24 hours and to name donors who give $10,000 or more for political purposes.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid voiced the obvious complaint

    "Perhaps Republicans want to shield a handful of billionaires willing to contribute nine figures to sway a close presidential election… If this flood of outside money continues, the day after the election 17 angry old white men will wake up and realize they just bought the country. That's a sad commentary."

    Hollywood studios are deep into sequels these days, but 17 Angry Old White Men does not sound like a promising followup to the Sidney Lumet/Henry Ford classic.

    Yet Reid makes a perceptive point. What if the policies purchased by major donors fail to provide an appropriate return on investment. How are Sheldon Adelson and Foster Friess supposed to return their politicians for a refund without a paper trail?

    Photo by Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images

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  • Mitt Romney Will Bury Barack Obama Under a Gigantic Pile of Money

    Mitt Romney isn't the most charismatic candidate. Or the coolest. Or the most relatable.

    But what he does have is an enormous mountains of cash — huge piles of ever-growing campaign donations from wealthy friends to whom he has promised lower taxes after he's in office and undeclared SuperPAC stockpiles of contributions from billionaires seeking to parlay their vast fortunes into political power.

    If there were only some way to use all that that as a substitute for having an actual campaign strategy. Hmmmmmm… If only

    "It’s just like the Cold War. They’re going to force Obama to spend himself into oblivion — while trying to peel off constituencies like the Eastern Bloc," said a Democratic strategist, citing lingering vulnerability with blue collar workers and potential Republican gains with hispanics. "The only question is which [constituency] will be the first domino."

    As the Obama campaign launches multi-million dollar TV blitzes to shore up support in left-leaning states, Romney and his conservative allies continue to fill their war chests.

    "There's no way they'll be able to keep up. Our SuperPACs are our Star Wars, if you will," said a Republican operative close to the Romney campaign.

    It's about time rich people finally get a champion. They've suffered so long, this is way overdue.

    Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

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  • Karl Rove Appeals to Youth Vote with Charlie Brown References [VIDEO]

    Apparently because Doonesbury is too liberal and Garfield is too edgy, Karl Rove has settled on Charlie Brown as the perfect comic strip character with which to mock the president. Check out the video his American Crossroads super PAC put together of Obama's recent economics address. (Don't worry, it's short.)

    My favorite part? When they translate Obama's words into "Vote for me, or you'll probably die." If anyone can spot that rhetoric, it's the guy who ran George W. Bush's campaign.

    I'm just bummed Obama didn't slump away from the podium after the speech. I love the piano that goes with that.

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  • FEC Approves a New Way to Give Your Money to Politicians

    Long gone are the days when the only political use for mobile phones was sending a picture of your penis to an attractive intern. The Federal Elections Committee has approved the giving of donations to campaigns via text

    In a rare instance of bipartisan agreement, the six-member panel unanimously approved a proposal by two political consulting companies — one Republican and one Democratic — to work with a third-party aggregator to collect donations by text.

    Both Romney and Obama wrote letters to the FEC voicing their support.  Who says we're a nation divided along party lines? The one thing both campaigns will agree on is "GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!"

    The move is expected to counteract the influence of Super PACs, which support both presidential campaigns, but which has been a bigger boon for Republicans than Democrats. Who knows? Maybe one of these days, average people are going to be able to buy their very own Scott Walker using nothing but their cellphones!

    Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo-Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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