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  • Sarah Palin Makes a Brave Re-Tweet Sort of in Support of Gay People Maybe

    Conservative talk show host and lesbian — who is currently busy taunting liberal straw men who are super offended by a gay person using the word  "homo" — tweeted something Haggard's Law-ish in response to a story about gay people and the Navy.

    What's interesting, though, is not her tweet, but (and these are actual fucking words we use these days) who re-tweeted it

    So, apparently, this is actually Palin's first sort of "comment" on Don't Ask, Don't Tell? Can that be? I don't remember making fun of her about it before, so I guess

    Sarah Palin has been conspicuously quiet in the debate over "don't ask don’t tell" and on a repeal of the policy President Obama signed into law before the holidays. By most accounts, she has never actually weighed in at all.

    But Monday night the former Alaska governor re-tweeted a post from conservative talk show host and blogger Tammy Bruce, who is lesbian, appearing to indirectly cast support for gays and an end to the ban on openly gay members of the U.S. military…

    "I think @SarahPalinUSA RT my tweet is her first comment on DADT, treatment of gays & attempts to marginalize us — thank you Governor," Bruce responded on Twitter… A Palin spokesman has not yet responded to ABC News’ request for comment on the Twitter exchange.

    Doesn't it make you proud to live in an age when a strong political leader can stand up and bravely hit the re-tweet link on their smart phone in kind of support of one of the most important issues of the day? Reminds me of when Lyndon Johnson nodded solemnly when somebody near him said something about ending school segregation.

    The saddest thing is that this re-tweet from a conservative leader is, in some sense, a moment of genuine consequence. Like, she probably had to have a meeting with her advisers in which they used a white board to weigh the pros and cons of hitting that re-tweet button. There's probably a fall guy in place in case it turns out her base doesn't like her re-tweeting things about gays that don't involve hellfire.

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  • How to Combat Accusations of Racism: Stop Being Racist

    Here's some free advice for conservatives concerned that they might be portrayed as racists by liberal bloggers: Don't put overtly racist shit on your blog

    Conservative radio personality Tammy Bruce is apparently all cut up that liberal blogs like Sadly, No! are painting her with the racist brush simply because she used a picture of a 'coon fishin' for a prize to illustrate her frustration with Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Okay, let's give Tammy Bruce the benefit of the doubt here and pretend she's never been called out for racist behavior before. Let's take her at her word that the "Raccoon Is Just a Raccoon" (to be fair, she apparently has a pet raccoon (which sounds a lot more explanatory than it really is)) and that "When wild, paranoid leftists attack (and get delusional) they see not dead people, but racists."

    So, do you know what that means? That means that Tammy Bruce is the fucking dumbest person ever. It means that she had no idea that people would see a picture of a raccoon, make the easy mental leap to its incredibly well-known abbreviation, and associate that word with the person she's making fun of. That's, like, remarkably dumb.

    "What do you mean the picture of the tribesman chucking the spear is racist? It's obviously meant to imply that Obama is throwing away our children's future. Why are you being so paranoid and delusional?!"

    "What?! It's a photo of a monkey relaxing on a porch! It's meant to imply that Obama's foreign policy needs to evolve past its current laissez-faire attitude. What a crazy liberal you are!!"

    "Really? You're offended by that picture of rabbit sitting in the middle of a rain forest? That's obviously meant to imply… Well, that picture just came up at random on Google Image Search, and I thought it was cute."

    So, what is it, Tammy Bruce? Are you one of the racist-iest people on the Internet, or are you one of the dumbest people on the Internet? You only get those two choices.

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