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  • 6 Must-See Events at the RNC in Tampa


    On Monday Jordan Carlos and I are flying to Tampa for the Republican National Convention, and I couldn't be more psyched. I love conventions–I went to the San Diego Comic Con and the Trek Expo in Tulsa this year. At this point, I'm an old hand at convs (that's what real pros call conventions!) so the RNC shouldn't pose a challenge. The first thing I do at a convention is get the daily schedule and circle all the events I want to catch. Now, minor glitch here, for some reason the RNC requires "credentials" to access certain areas. This sounds slightly unconstitutional, especially since Jordan and I do not have these "credentials."

    But as someone who knows from convs, I know that the real excitement often happens outside the convention walls. In fact, just yesterday a friend of a friend of a guy I met on the subway slipped me an official-looking itinerary of events that don't involve boring speeches or delegates voting on whatever. So here's what I have circled for the RNC this year…

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  • Democrats Break Tradition, Try to Beat Republicans

    Barack ObamaDid you know that during the major party conventions, it's customary for the other party to stay out of the limelight? (Also, did you know that when Republicans are succeeding politically, it's customary for Democrats to do nothing?)

    Apparently Obama didn't get either memo

    Presidential candidates have traditionally kept a low profile during their opponent's nominating celebration, but Democrats are throwing those rules out the window in an attempt to spoil Mitt Romney's coronation as the GOP nominee.

    President Obama, Vice President Biden and leading congressional Democrats have all scheduled high-profile events next week to counter-program the Republican gathering in Tampa, Fla.

    Okay, I knew Biden was going to Tampa, but I assumed it was because Obama wanted to send him somewhere with microphones that he wouldn't be allowed to speak into.

    I, for one, oppose the Democrats' break in protocol here. After four years of socialism accusations, birth certificate controversies, secret Muslim rumors, death panel allegations and a complete lack of economic cooperation, the least Obama could do is sit quietly while Mitt Romney talks about what a bad job he's doing.

    It's just common courtesy.

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  • Indecision Delegates: 36 Hours in Tampa

    Despite what they may think, The New York Times does not have a monopoly on spending 36 hours in various cities. As a matter of fact, I'll be spending more than 36 hours in Tampa during my upcoming trip to the 2012 Republican National Convention. I've never been to there and plan to squeeze as much fun-juice from the Florida orange while in town. Here's my tentative agenda…

    1. P90X it with Paul Ryan. It would be so great to say I got my heart rate up with the very man who could be a heartbeat from the presidency. Plus, the workout is insane! Me and Paul wailing on our bi's and tri's — chopping it up. (How's that for a health plan, President Obama?!)

    2. Gulf shrimp buckets! You can barely taste the toxins anymore, you guys! (Wink-wink, B.P.)

    3. Cuban sandwiches? I'll pass. A patriot, I honor the embargo.

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  • Hurricane Biden Expected to Roll Through Tampa During RNC

    The poor people of Florida. First, they have to deal with a state full of Floridians. Then the Republicans decide to hold their political convention there. And then news of a potential hurricane next week.

    And now, on top of all that, Joe Biden says he plans to pop in and do his whole Joe Biden schtick. Have these people not suffered enough?

    [Joe] Biden will be in Florida Monday and Tuesday, including a visit to the Tampa area, site of the 2012 Republican National Convention, the Obama campaign said today…

    His presence in the state — the largest electoral battleground — is part of a coordinated effort by Democrats and President Obama’s re-election campaign to bracket the Republican festivities and steal some of the spotlight.

    Democrats are planning a "counter convention" in downtown Tampa to be orchestrated out of a "rapid response war room" steps from where Republicans are huddled, the Democratic National Committee announced.

    My God! It's the fabled "perfect storm" of political lore! And Mary and I are going to be right in the middle of it! Just like George Clooney and Marky Mark! This tiny little blog is equipped to survive a Category 4 Bullshitstorm like that!

    Please, somebody… If I don't make it home, tell my wife to DVD the season finale of Breaking Bad.

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