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  • 83% of Doctors Might Quit Over Obamacare, Says Tea Party Poll

    Did you know that the overwhelming number of doctors in America are so upset at the idea the Affordable Care Act that they've considered going Galt rather than practice their livelihood under the red banner of Obama's socialist state?

    It's totally totally true according to a poll being disseminated by Matt Drudge and the Daily Caller

    Eighty-three percent of American physicians have considered leaving their practices over President Barack Obama’s health care reform law, according to a survey released by the Doctor Patient Medical Association.

    The DPMA, a non-partisan association of doctors and patients, surveyed a random selection of 699 doctors nationwide. The survey found that the majority have thought about bailing out of their careers over the legislation, which was upheld last month by the Supreme Court.

    Oh my God! That's insane! 83 percent? That would really give you something to think about if it were an actual "non-partisan" poll and wasn't conducted by an anti-health care reform Tea Party group

    The Doctor Patient Medical Association (DPMA) and the Patient Power Alliance (PPA) work to repeal health care reform and call themselves a "a nonpartisan association of doctors and patients dedicated to preserving free choice in medicine."The organization is a member of the National Tea Party Federation and the "American Grassroots Coalition."

    You have to admire their restraint in this "poll" they "conducted." The fact that they allowed for the possibility of a whole 17 percent of doctors who don't just full-on hate Obamacare shows that maybe the Tea Party is starting to soften their message and try to seem a little less crazy these days.

    (via No More Mister Nice Blog)

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  • Rep. Bob Kingsbury, Kindergarten Cop

    There's a myth being perpetrated by the media that Republicans hate science. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is many right-wing politicians love conducting scientific research in their off time. Next to shutting down Planned Parenthoods, science is probably their favorite hobby.

    Take Rep. Bob Kingsbury of New Hampshire. He just discovered that making children attend kindergarten increases the crime rate. He did this by looking at two isolated sets of data that seemed to confirm his theory that making children attend kindergarten increases the crime rate. If that's not science, then neither is my hypothesis that Planned Parenthood is the number one cause of global warming.

    When he's not busy being an armchair social scientist, Kingsbury uses his powers of logic and reason as a state legislator

    Kingsbury has a history of taking conservative positions in the Tea Party-controlled State House. This includes partnering with supporters of birther queen Orly Taitz to push a bill to partially repeal the direct election of U.S. senators and sponsoring a bill that would raise the minimum age of judges from 18 to 60. Kingsbury has also sponsored legislation to require future state laws to be based on the Magna Carta and said in February that statehood for the District of Columbia could cause New Hampshire's crime rate to rise 25 percent. He is not currently planning kindergarten-related legislation.

    Kingsbury's legislative record makes it hard to believe he isn't planning a bill to put kindergarten teachers in jail for abetting future criminals. As it stands, Kingsbury's political allies refuse to comment on his research. The National Education Association of New Hampshire says there's no credible evidence against sending kids to kindergarten, but what do they know about crime?

    Maybe Kingsbury will have more support once his findings are finally accepted by the scientific community. But he'll need to be patient. After all, it took Galileo hundreds of years to convince everyone the earth was flat.

    Photo by Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images

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  • Our Endorsements: Here's a Clown Answer, BRO!

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    * Clowning Harry Reid.

    * What's next, JFK: Skirt Hunter?

    * What happens to NYC when President Obama pays a visit.

    * Justin Beiber plays it safe on the fence with David Letterman.

    * Mommy skills count when applying for a job, from McSweeney's.

    * Winter is coming. Game of Thrones political attack ads from Mother Jones.

    * Just when you thought it was safe to wade into the ocean of politics again…the Tea Party.

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  • Ten Great Moments in Political Misspellings

    1. Mitt Romney's campaign misspells America as Amercia. Amercian Acceptionalism has never been so exceptionable.

    2. But he was not the first to sing the praises of Amercia the Beautiful, whose fruited plains were first extolled by Tea Party protesters in 2010.

    3. Rick Santorum's campaign sent reporters an email titled "MEDIA ADVISORY: SANTORUM'S PUBIC SCHEDULE." 15 minutes later, staffers sent a correction, though Santorum himself remained obsessed with all things pubic.

    4. Jon Huntsman inaugurated his 2012 campaign with an event at the Statue of Liberty that featured press passes reading "John Huntsman for President"  – adding an unnecessary H in the candidate's first name. The same mistake was made in mailers sent to New Hampshire voters. If only the votes for John Huntsman could be combined with the votes for Jon Huntsman, 2012's most sane Republican contender would… still have lost.

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  • Sarah Palin Goes Vogue

    Just as with a flesh-eating bacterial infection, there doesn't seem to be any way to get rid of Sarah Palin. Especially now that she's hitched her political wagon to a series of lucky stars

    Palin has made a string of successful recent endorsements, including an against-the-grain nod to Nebraska Republican Senate hopeful Deb Fischer in a three-way primary where most other conservatives, including tea party leader Sen. Jim DeMint, backed another candidate. Rick Santorum, the last conservative non-Romney standing at the end of the primaries, endorsed there and in today’s Texas primary to no great effect.

    It's not surprising that Palin has more clout than Santorum, who was only the last man standing in the primaries because he starched his khakis too much. Going against the tea party leader, on the other hand, shows Palin has enough confidence in expressing herself to go over the borderline.

    Sarah Palin may be past her White House prime, but she's still able to justify her fan's love…

    In Madonna-like fashion, she is the master of "self-invention then self-reinsertion into the political churn," the operative said. "I wouldn’t underestimate that. I wouldn’t rule out her ability to find a new way to express it or a new vehicle or a new method …. she sort of craves the attention. I don’t completely write off her ability [to re-enter the fray]."

    Isn't "Self-Reinsertion into the Political Churn" the name of Madonna's latest album?

    This comparison has legs. Both Palin and Madonna have an idiotic way of speaking English. They also (may) have a fondness for basketball players. It doesn't end there. The reason both have endured for so long is because of their grass-roots appeal to a certain rabidly loyal segment of the population. In Madonna's case, it's the gay community. In Palin's case, it's Fox News viewers.

    Photo by Shekhar Yadav/India Today Group/Getty Images

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