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  • Tweet Untweet: Take This Job and Damn It!

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  • Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" Bill Gets Worse

    Ever since Tennessee's widely-mocked "Don't Say Gay" bill died in the State House of Representatives, bill sponsor Senator Stacey Campfield has been busy drafting a new version that is "completely different" and "gets rid of some of the old perceptions" about the legislation.

    Among the "old perceptions" that have been completely debunked by the new draft is the idea that Campfield couldn't possibly come up with anything dumber than his original proposal. How wrong we were to doubt.

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  • Tennessee May Starve Children Until Their Grades Improve

    When we last caught up with Tennessee state senator Stacey Campfield, he was giving unsolicited medical advice by blaming AIDS on a gay airline pilot having sex with a monkey and calling the disease "virtually impossible" to contract via heterosexual intercourse.

    There's just one problem with acting like a cartoon arch-villain: each of your evil schemes must be grander than the last. The AIDS thing came after Campfield demanded the word "gay" be banned from Tennessee classrooms, so how has he topped himself now?

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  • The Doctor (R-TN) Will Sleep With You Now

    You all know how the saying starts, "The doctor will see you now." But few of us are familiar with the fact that it continues, "so he can screw you, pressure you into an abortion and then run for Congress as a pro-life conservative."

    Such is the story of Scott DesJarlais, a Tennessee congressman whose re-election has been imperiled by a new focus on his pre-Congressional activities as a physician with a special interpretation of bedside manner.

    Turns out, his love extended to more than one patient

    On the heels of a sex scandal involving a female patient, another woman has acknowledged having a sexual relationship with physician and U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais while she was under his medical care. The second woman described DesJarlais as "the nicest guy" and said he cooked dinner for her at their first get-together in 2000. But she also said they smoked marijuana during their relationship and remembered DesJarlais prescribing her pain medication on dates at his home…

    Court records and a family friend confirm that the woman and DesJarlais had an affair.

    DesJarlais' opponents have called this behavior unethical and, in light of his pro-life political views, hypocritical. But to me, it calls to mind President George W. Bush's 2004 statement on physicians' love

    "We've got an issue in America. Too many good docs are getting out of business. Too many OB-GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women all across this country."

    Not a problem in Tennessee.

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  • Pro-Life Congressman Pressured Mistress to Get Abortion

    After an avalanche of polls showing him leading nationally and in key battleground states, there's even more good news for Mitt Romney. Journalists have finally identified a politician with a more inconsistent position on abortion than the presidential candidate whose views have evolved more often than a antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea.

    Consider this statement from Rep. Scott DesJarlais, a Republican congressman from Tennessee…

    "I have been a consistent supporter of pro-life values… Human life is sacred and taxpayer funding of abortion is counter to the values a great many Tennesseans hold."

    And contrast with this

    "You told me you'd have an abortion, and now we're getting too far along without one," DesJarlais tells the woman at one point in the call while negotiating with her over whether he'll reveal her identity to his wife. They then discuss whether he will accompany her to a procedure to end the sort of life the congressman now describes as "sacred."

    The woman happened to be his mistress and one-time patient; DesJarlais worked as a doctor before winning office in 2010.

    In the parlance of contemporary media coverage, this is "a very astute pivot toward the center." It's too bad that "Pro-Life except in cases where a mistress/patient needs to be talked into an abortion" is so hard to fit on a bumper sticker.

    Photo by Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images

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