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Thaddeus McCotter
  • Those Who Won't Be President, We Salute You

    While Mitt Romney and Barack Obama battle for the title of Almighty Ruler of the Kingdom of the Electoral College, let's take a moment to remember the candidates who won't win… but run anyway.

    Last fall we launched a little interview series we called Undercision 2012: Running with the Underdogs. Here's our conversation with Fred Karger, the openly gay Republican who did not end his campaign after Mitt Romney became the GOP's presumptive nominee. (He waited until June.)

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    Our interviews with Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and more after the jump…

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  • Thaddeus McCotter Retiring from Congress

    Who can say exactly why Michigan Republican Thaddeus McCotter chose today to abruptly resign from the U.S. House of Representatives. Maybe — after failing to make the state ballot for November — he's looking to leave D.C. with some shred of dignity intact. Maybe he's being forced out. Or maybe he's just the saddest person in America right now.

    This except from his resignation seems to lean toward the latter

    "After nearly 26 years in elected office, this past nightmarish month and a half have, for the first time, severed the necessary harmony between the needs of my constituency and of my family. As this harmony is required to serve, its absence requires I leave.

    "The recent event's totality of calumnies, indignities and deceits have weighed most heavily upon my family. Thus, acutely aware one cannot rebuild their hearth of home amongst the ruins of their U.S. House office, for the sake of my loved ones I must "strike another match, go start anew" by embracing the promotion back from public servant to sovereign citizen.

    "I do not leave for an existing job and face diminishing prospects (and am both unwilling and ill-suited to lobby), my priorities are twofold: find gainful employment to help provide for my family; and continue to assist, in any way they see fit, the Michigan Attorney General's earnest and thorough investigation, which I requested, into the 2012 petition filing."

    Politicians… Always putting a positive spin on everything.

    For what it's worth, my cousin is looking for a guitarist to gig with him in A.C. for three nights next weekend. If anybody knows McCotter's contact info, can they pass that on? He'd have to get there himself, but meals are taken care of. And he can totally crash in the bass player's garage.

    After the jump, you can watch Rep. McCotter in happier days, when he was our first Undercision 2012: Running with the Underdogs interviewee…

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  • Thad McCotter Ends Re-Election Bid to Focus on Finding the Real Forger

    You won't have Thaddeus McCotter to kick around anymore. Not that anyone spent much time beating up on old Thad. Or thinking about him. Or — apart from an Indecision interview amid his brief underdog bid for Republican presidential nominee — even recognized his existence.

    Yet it's true, Thaddeus McCotter was not a Union-side Civil War general as his name would suggest, but a 21st century guitar playing pol who in addition to running for president, has represented Michigan's 11th Congressional district for nearly a decade.

    Nothing about the local political environment suggested that McCotter would have any trouble winning re-election and all was copacetic until McCotter turned in 2,000 petition signatures to get on the August congressional primary ballot. According to Michigan's Secretary of State, all but 244 of the signatures were fraudulent. Sheets of signatures were photocopied — in some case three times, and the duplicates inserted throughout the stack of petitions. In some cases, it appears that signatures from 2010 were copied to the 2012 form.

    Initially launching a write-in campaign to hold on to his seat, McCotter has now decided that running for re-election would distract from his search for the perpetrator of this "unheard of" fraud…

    "One can't clean up a mess multitasking," McCotter said in his statement. "Honoring my promise to the sovereign people of our community only allows me to finish the official duties of my present Congressional term; and aid the State Attorney General criminal investigation that I requested into identifying the person or persons who concocted the fraudulent petitions that have cost me so dearly.

    "Honoring this promise does not allow me to continue a political write-in campaign. This decision is final, regardless of how swiftly the investigation is concluded," he said.

    On the bright side, we finally found evidence of election fraud! It doesn't involve minorities trying to cast legal ballots in swing state elections, so it hardly merits real investigative resources, but at least detective McCotter and his famed attention to detail are on the case.

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  • Thaddeus McCotter's Presidential Campaign Is in Heaven Now

    I've got some news everybody: Thaddeus McCotter has officially decided to end his presidential campaign.

    Some other news: Thaddeus McCotter was running for president! Weird, right? But it's totally true! The Republican congressperson from Michigan has been running for president for, like, weeks now. Maybe months even!

    So, what happened? How did he come to find all his presidential dreams dashed so cruelly against the hard jagged rocks of reality?

    Former Michigan GOP chairman Saul Anuzis said Thursday that McCotter’s decision was driven by the political reality of his exclusion from the GOP presidential debates and the possibility of other candidates for his congressional seat gathering support at Mackinac Island, where Republicans will gather this weekend.

    "The political reality is that it’s a two-way race between Romney and Perry and going into our conference at Mackinac Island, it was a good time to announce that he’s running for re-election,” Anuzis said. “The timing was important for him to make sure that he could hold onto the seat."

    Yeah, it is a two way race between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. If only they weren't running. And Michele Bachmann, if she weren't running, too. And Ron Paul. And Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain. And Jon Huntsman. And I guess Rick Santorum, let's throw him in there, as well. And that guy who smokes pot, what's his name? Whatever.

    But, yeah. If only all those people weren't running… Just think about what might have been.

    Oh, and while you're at it, check out Mary Phillips-Sandy's exclusive Undercision interview with then presidential hopeful Thaddeus McCotter. And cry. Cry a single tear for a lost future.

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  • EXCLUSIVE! Undercision 2012: Rep. Thaddeus McCotter

    As is explicitly obvious to anyone who spends even a few minutes a week watching or reading the national media, Thaddeus McCotter is the Republican representative from Michigan's 11th district who has mounted a much-ballyhooed campaign for the presidency. Newspaper reporters are always going "Thaddeus McCotter said this," and cable news pundits are always going "Thaddeus McCotter shook that." Thaddeus McCotter's campaign is — to put it lightly — the media topic of the electoral season.

    Oh, wait. Everything that I just said, scratch it. I meant the opposite.

    But, Thaddeus McCotter is the very first interviewee in our brand new feature "Undercision 2012: Running with the Underdogs" — in which we seek to shine some light on some candidates and campaigns that are maybe a little lacking in media attention — so that something. Here's Indecision's own Mary Phillips-Sandy and the distinguished gentleman from Michigan…

    Keep your eye out for more exclusive Undercision coverage in the weeks and months ahead.

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