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  • The Blog Hole: Burris is Bribe-y, Robot Judges and Self-Awareness

    Put Skynet On The Supreme Court: Let me get this straight: a judge who allows the Bible to influence rulings is fine. But a judge who allows their racial, gender, and life experiences to influence their rulings is not fit for the bench. Blogger John scrambles, like most conservatives, to find arguments against Sonia Sotomayor. That she draws on her life when interpreting law, which requires interpretation, seems utterly permissible and necessary. After all, judges are not robots. []

    What Did He Pay And When Did He Pay It: Tarnished Senator Roland Burris doth protest too much. Did the maligned politician pay disgraced former Governor Blagojevich for his appointment as the junior senator from Illinois? Mark Brown basically says "Maybe." He definitely tried, or maybe he's just one of those sketchy guys who comes off as permanently corrupt. Like the Hamburgler. []

    Self-Awareness Takes The Fun Out Of Debate: David Harsanyi tackles the abortion debate with candor and honesty, casting intellectual doubt on his own beliefs as a devout secularist. Which is, you know, totally not any fun. Hey, David — you either love abortion to pieces or you listen to angels who tell you to hate the womb. There is no middle ground. Anti-life or Pro-fanatic! No middle ground! Fight, fight, fight! []

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  • The Blog Hole: Missing The Gipper, Cheney Cagematch and Christians are Killers

    Judge Dreading It Already: Man, David Greenberg makes being nominated for the Supreme Court sound like harrowing trip down to the last house on the left. Have fun, Sonia Sotomayer! Whether or not conservatives start sparking up the coals to drag her over remains to be seen, but one thing is certain… to Repubicans, "empathy" is just another way of saying "Judge Oprah." []

    Dreaming Of Ronald: While Dick Cheney and Colin Powell duke it out in Thunderdome over the future of the Republican party, lone columnist Frank Donatelli meekly pines for a return to Reagan-flavored conservatism. Here is another right-leaning scribbler penning love letters to a man who's politics were inclusive, optimistic, and devoid of alienating wedge issues. Big hearts to The Gipper, yo? []

    Jesus Chansaw Massacre: Conservative blogger Steven Crowder goes trolling on the interwebz with a post that declares all Christians are serial killers. Of course, this is all rhetorical derring-do. What Steven is actually saying is the evil, liberal Hollywood goes out of it's way to portray Christians in a negative way. Which might or might not have an itty-bit of validity. Although I take issue with his thesis that all movie baddies are Christian. Hannibal Lecter was certainly a secularist, for instance. The Christian cross is a time-honored weapon against Hollywood's favorite monster — the vampire. See, Steven, not all Christians are serial killers. They're pedophiles. []

    Left-Wing Loonybird Weeps For Terrorists: Radio Free Europe interviews a godless hippie liberal who thinks Terrorist Club Med should be closed, and that captured evildoers shouldn't be "extreme shampooed." Why does this prancing fruit hate America so much? Also, the man who expresses these opinions is none other than US Central Command commander and Iraqi "surge" architect General David Petraeus. What the hell is going on? What next? Cats and dogs living together? []

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  • The Blog Hole: Jesus Waterboards, North Korea Needs Attention, and Judge Judy Justice

    Justice Feelgood: The Supreme Court doesn't need Judge Dred, it needs Judge Judy. Someone with the common touch, who knows that Americans are, largely, trash. This is more or less Ellen Goodman's thesis, probably more less than more. But it's in the ballpark. Whoever President Obama nominates for the Supreme Court should be empathetic to the needs of regular Americans, like their need for pasta served in bowls made out of pizza delivered directly to their trailers. []

    Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me A Buzzword, At Least: The Republican Party is suddenly a sullen, fat goth chick writing angry poems in a composition book . Like, an existential identity crisis totes blows. Shikha Dalmia has yet even more advice for the floundering and listless GOP. Rally the troops around a single, powerful idea — namely, liberty. A word which sounds great, and yet, is suitably vague enough that it can mean almost anything. Plus, if you're the party of "liberty," you can brand the other party as "anti-liberty." Let's here it for more rhetorical flimflammery! []

    Hey World, Remember Us? How About Now? North Korea is such an attention whore. Gordon G. Chang points out that that prima donna third world nuclear power deserves a little spotlight action. Both President Obama and Bush turned blind eyes toward North Korea, but their recent nuke test makes that broken little country impossible to merely placate with promises of economic assistance. Now is the time to… eh… talk really, really sternly. []

    Who Would Jesus Waterboard: Oh, this is awesome. Over at Red State, a poster by the name of "roetenks" passionately argues that Christianity has been a force of butt-kicking good throughout history, and then drops that Jesus would have been "ok" with waterboarding.  The Messiah would have, for instance, waterboarded in order to save his disciples. This, of course, is the man who bade we all "love our enemies." On a side note, Buddha would have been "ok" with curb stomping. []

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  • The Blog Hole: More Cheney, America's a Dead Beat and O'Reilly Loves America More Than You

    America, The Deadbeat: The United States might lose it's AAA credit rating, but Felix Salmon is all "So what?" Those once vaunted credit agencies have lost their credibility, and investors will still tie their money up in Treasury bonds. It's not a great thing that the US triple-A might poof and vanish. But it's not the ticket to the Third World hysterical economic journalists think it might be. []

    Stop Blaming Bush, Bully: Obama's speech about terrorist detainees, amongst other things, was a big ol' middle finger to President Bush, claims Republican booster Fred Barnes. According to Barnes, Obama's speech has a divisive and partisan duck and swerve, laying blame on the last guy and avoiding answering any real questions about the 240 detainees languishing in Cuba. It should be noted that Fred Barnes hearts the GOP, and totally hates on godless liberals. []

    Tin Men And Straw Men: Dick Cheney, you are an embarrassment of riches to political junkies. Over at Talking Points Memo, Zachary Roth debunks the former-Vice President's defense of "enhanced interrogation techniques," and in some cases, sets fire to Mr. Cheney's various, rhetorical straw men. You have to give the guy his due, though. The Iron Hunchback makes Michael Steele, Bobby Jindal, and Sarah Palin look like inarticulate clowns. []

    Why Do You All Hate America? The ACLU has a blog, and they're using it to rip up Bill O'Reilly's endorsement of the New York Police Department's questionable "stop and frisk" policies, whereby racially-profiled citizens are subjected to on the spot, warrantless searches. To oppose this tactic, according to O'Reilly, is to hate America. Let's take a moment to recall the wise words of Ben Franklin, "Peeps who trade freedom for security are whack, and end up without either." That is not a direct quote. []

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  • The Blog Hole: Rove Hearts Obama, Hybrid Senators and Re-tweeting History

    Doomed To Re-Tweet It: Did you watch Obama's historic speech on national security? Want to read a detailed, nuanced analysis of said speech? Didn't think so. Instead, here's a link to Rich Lowry's twitter account. The National Review blogger and writer chops up his opinions on Obama's ideological about face into easy to consume, 140 character nuggets. At the very least, you won't get intellectual indigestion from reading it. []

    Hot GOP-on-GOP Action: Here's another theory about why the GOP is self-destructing very publicly, and in real time, courtesy of Rod Dreher. This new theory comes with a new buzzword — "jerrytayloring." Which refers to the game of "who's more conservative" that those in the right keep playing with one another. The moment any pundit or GOP operative questions one of the party's icons, they get bum-rushed and accused of not being conservative enough. []

    OMG, Karl Rove Hearts Barack Obama: Or rather, Rove supports Obama's tentative embrace of Bush Administration national security policies. One man's flip-flop is another man's reasoned reconsideration of the facts. So now, officially, politics has gone down he rabbit hole: is the President just Bush Lite? A political hack full of empty campaign promises? The liberal backlash is brewing, you can hear progressive fanatics sharpening their long knives. []

    Hybrid Car, Hybrid Senator: Dana Milbank was there as Republican Senator Orrin Hatch sat behind the wheel of a plug-in hybrid Hummer H3, and what ensued was hi-larious. The 75-year old didn't know how to drive the confounded, newfangled hippiemobile! Ha! But give the 75-year old conservative some credit: many of his colleagues believe global warming is a hoax, and wouldn't be seen trying out the future of the automotive industry. []

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