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  • Here Is Footage of the President of the United States Discussing Lindsay Lohan

    Barack Obama was on The View earlier today

    That certainly was Barack Obama on The View earlier today.

    You know what, though? I'm really looking forward to John McCain's next tweet to Snooki

    @sn00ki if i were president i (Jersey) Shore would know who u r! Plz pay attention 2 me!

    I just made that up. That's not a real tweet. Just so you know.

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  • Jesse Ventura and Elizabeth Hasselbeck Wrestle Over Torture on The View

    This video of former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura body slamming Elizabeth Hasselbeck's absurd pro-torture apologetics on The View makes me wish that he was still a prominent player in the world of politics.

    Or the world of wrestling. Whatever. It's pretty much all the same thing.

    (The torture debate begins at about the one-minute mark.)

    That fight looked more gruesome that it probably was in reality. I'm sure that Ventura and Hasselbeck planned out all those moves beforehand.

    You gotta realize that this stuff is all a big show.

    (via City Pages)

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  • Rod Blagojevich Practically Defies Satire

    I have been staring at my computer monitor with my mouth agape for about an hour now, and I think it's time to admit the obvious: Rod Blagojevich has beat me.

    I lose. I admit it, I lose!

    But, really, what chance did I have? How am I supposed to respond to this much crazy all at once? Seriously, what's my angle supposed to be?

    Is the angle that Blagojevich is spending his day in New York City on Good Morning America and The View instead of in Springfield, Illinois trying to get himself not fired?

    Or should it be that he supposedly considered Oprah Winfrey as a replacement for Barack Obama in the U.S. Senate but ultimately decided that she would be too gimmicky?

    Is it that he keeps pleading his case to a bunch of media talking heads but refuses to actually respond to any questions about his case?

    Or is it that… that… that… I don't know! Just just so much here! My brain is in satire overload.

    I feel so impotent.

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  • Michelle Obama Dresses Better Than You: The Pre-Inauguration Edition

    by Michael Arceneaux

    We finally have a First Lady with a sense of style that doesn't warrant an automatic bitch slap from Joan Rivers. We couldn't help but get a little bored with the styles of Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush. Dressing up like a librarian is only fun when it's prefixed by the word "naughty," and, eh, a pantsuit gets a little old after the 400th one, right?

    Oh Michelle, thank you so much for wearing colors, showing your curves — for simply dressing in a way that doesn't suggest you lose your taste with age. I mean even the cast of The Golden Girls had style, for god's sake.

    As we inch closer and closer to the dawn of Lady O, we've rehashed some of the fashion maven's best and worst looks from the campaign season in eager anticipation. Two snaps if you feel it.

    Watching The View can sometimes be as nausea-inducing as the thought of a Star Jones and Al Reynolds sex tape. But when Michelle appeared in this black and white number designed by Donna Ricco, for once I was able to look at the show and not want to hit myself in the face with the remote. The dress only cost $148 to boot. You couldn't even look at Sarah Palin directly in the eye for $148 during her campaign-sponsored shopping spree.

    Let this picture serve as proof that no one has to hate themselves enough to wear mom jeans…not even moms.

    Not many women can wear a dress that looks like it was inspired by their nana's wallpaper and make it work. Phenomenal women is she.

    Jill Biden is dressed like the traditional political wife — which makes it much easier to focus on Michelle's purple flowery dressy thing. Yes, purple flowery dressy thing is the best way to describe this.

    We'll never know if she's laughing at her husband's joke or Cindy McCain's dress, but Michelle looked fierce* at the second presidential debate.

    That's right, Sarah Palin. You're not the only one with a fashion budget. Take that, moose killer!

    So, it's not so much that it's ugly as it is the belief that dresses shouldn't look like Lava Lamps. OK, so maybe it is that it's ugly, but it's only worth hissing at for a few minutes. One can't always be a fashion do, can they?

    Laura Bush found herself served when the incoming First Lady joined her husband on a trip to check out their new digs. Out with the old, in with the new. And the new is looking pretty freaking svelte.

    America, everything's gonna be a-ok!

    * Thank you, Tyra Banks, for drilling that word into everyone's head.

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  • From the Pork Barrel: Swamp Creatures, Torturers and Ann Coulter

    * The Swamp Creature of Congress is back! (And, no, I'm not talking about Denny Hastert.)

    * New scientific study on looks into Sarah Palin's popularity with many voters.

    * Looks like the incoming president's gonna need to find a new place to torture political dissidents. I suggest Trenton, NJ.

    * Obama possibly taking this whole Lincoln-emulation thing a bit far.

    * Al Franken asks Minnesota governor for senate seat. Governor says, "Go fish."

    * Roland Burris is probably almost certainly maybe for sure gonna be a senator.

    * What's the only thing that could possibly make The View any better? Can't think of anything? How about Ann Coulter?

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