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  • Herman Cain Demands Third Party for Novelty Candidates

    Herman CainThe great post-election identity freak-out has begun. We all knew it was coming; we just didn't know which side of the ideological divide was going to be the featured player. As luck would have it, it's happening on the conservative side. Which is good for everybody, in my opinion, not just because shifting demographics show their brand to be in peril, but also because they are the funnier side.

    Speaking of which, Herman Cain is very concerned that when the dust settles in his party, the general consensus could be that Republicans should focus on nominating candidates who are tethered to reality and rely more on reasoned policy choices than on fun-to-say catch phrases. I'm concerned about that, too. So, what we clearly need is a brand new party. One with impeccably hilarious standards. Because we will need a place for all of the Rick Santorums and Michele Bachmanns and Sarah Palins — or rodeo clown candidates — of the world

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  • Those Who Won't Be President, We Salute You

    While Mitt Romney and Barack Obama battle for the title of Almighty Ruler of the Kingdom of the Electoral College, let's take a moment to remember the candidates who won't win… but run anyway.

    Last fall we launched a little interview series we called Undercision 2012: Running with the Underdogs. Here's our conversation with Fred Karger, the openly gay Republican who did not end his campaign after Mitt Romney became the GOP's presumptive nominee. (He waited until June.)

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    Our interviews with Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and more after the jump…

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  • Election Day Survival Guide for Third Parties

    This morning, Mary shared an Election Day Survival Guide for Republicans and an Election Day Survival Guide for Democrats, which is all well and good, except that people who cast their ballots for one of those two parties only make up a vast majority of voters.

    What about the minute number of people are taking a stand against the tyranny of the two-party system by voting for candidates like Jill Stein, Gary Johnson or the Lizard People? Don't they deserve an Election Day Survival Guide of their own? Yes, they do! And here it is…

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  • GOP Suddenly Not Laughing About Gary Johnson

    By all accounts — or at least all the accounts that are actually worth listening to — this election looks like it might be heading for a photo finish. Hopefully, it'll be a Polaroid photo and not something we'll have to send that photo off to Congress of the Supreme Court for developing.

    With that in mind, there is very little room for mistakes from here on out. From either candidate. Romney got to make all his his mistakes over the course of the last 15 months, and Obama hurried up and crammed them all into one abysmal debate. So, that's it. No more. One candidate stubs his toe on camera, and it's all over.

    That why, all of a sudden, that Gary Johnson guy whom Republicans were having so much fun ignoring — the former-Republican who's currently running for president at the top of the Libertarian ticket — is suddenly not quite as funny as he once was

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  • Fox News Finds the Value in Gary Johnson

    It's not all that often that you see Fox News offering wistful starry-eyed think pieces on former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson. As a Republican presidential candidate, he was kind of a dud. He's not nearly anti-gay enough and he appears to have possibly leafed through a science magazine once or twice. So, right there, not good.

    However, that doesn't mean that the guy is completely valueless. As we've written of previously, he has the potential to achieve heights of electoral influence previously only achieved by the likes of Ross Perot and Ralph Nader. Which is to say, if you really game it out in just the right way, he could tip the election toward Mitt Romney.

    How would that work? Don't worry. Fox News' Joe Trippi spent the time needed to intricately work it all out for you

    In Colorado — which the Obama campaign has been working hard to hold onto in 2012 — Obama currently leads Romney 49-42 in the latest PPP poll, down from a 53-40 in April.

    But add Gary Johnson to the mix, and Johnson’s 7% support in Colorado pulls almost equally from both candidates, dragging Obama down to 47 percent and Romney to 39.

    If that still seems like a safe margin for Obama, remember that Obama’s Colorado strategy relies on the enthusiastic turnout of college educated white voters, minorities, and youth. Then note that Colorado has a marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot in November — a fact that could further bolster youth turnout for Johnson, who supports marijuana legalization.

    It's beautiful, isn't it? Don't touch it! It's fragile, and could all fall apart if breathed upon the wrong way.

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