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Tom Ridge
  • Tom Ridge Endorses Mitt Romney, Thinks That Will Help Mitt Romney

    Tom RidgeAs if things couldn't get worse for poor old Mitt

    Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, who previously supported Jon Huntsman, endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination on Wednesday.

    Previously supported Jon Huntsman? God, why doesn't Ridge go the whole nine yards and admit to being pro-choice?

    Ridge [is] known as a pro-abortion rights Republican…

    Tom, can I speak with you for a second?

    What are you doing? You do know this guy's trying to win the Republican nomination for president, right? You know how hard that is? The foods you have to pretend to like? The types of voters you have to win over?

    What I'm trying to say is, to this GOP electorate, a pro-choice northern Republican endorsing another northern Republican who once tried to give everyone in his state affordable health care is about the same as Joseph Stalin endorsing an American flag that's on fire.

    So please, for Mitt's sake, keep it down.

    Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh-Stringer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • This Week on The Colbert Report: Tom Ridge & Werner Herzog

    By Margaret Shin

    On the Colbert Report tonight, Stephen talks artsy shmartsy with Werner Herzog, renowned filmmaker and director of Cave of Forgotten Dreams, a documentary about art found in a remote cave in France. Antiques Roadshow, step aside s'il vous plait.

    Then tomorrow, Stephen talks sweet with Sugar Ray Leonard, partially because Mr. Ray has a new book out called The Big Fight, and because Mr. Ray is a rather large pugilist.

    Then Wednesday night, Stephen talks invention with Bre Pettis, founder of Makerbot, a company that makes robots that makes things. Robot style dance-off to follow.

    Lastly on Thursday night, Stephen talks seriously with Tom Ridge, former director of Homeland Security. Serious robot style dance-off to follow. Here's Ridge from his last visit to the set of The Daily Show…

    The Daily Show and Colbert Report air Monday through Thursday starting at 11/10c.

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  • Tom Ridge on The Daily Show

    They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and it seems no one believes that more than former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge. On last night's Daily Show, Ridge told Jon Stewart that he doesn't agree with the subtitle on the cover of his own book. Of course, that's the exact kind of thing I'd expect from a guy who looks like him.

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11pm / 10c.

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  • Color Me Shocked: Tom Ridge Reveals Homeland Security Shenanigans

    I have to hand it to the Department of Homeland Security. That threat advisory system they invented is a great way to bring families closer together: you can teach kids their colors, then explain why the bad men want to kill us. But according to a new book from former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge, sometimes the system involved some, shall we say, artificial coloring

    [Ridge asserts] that he was pressured by top advisers to President George W. Bush to raise the national threat level just before the 2004 election in what he suspected was an effort to influence the vote.

    After Osama bin Laden released a threatening videotape four days before the election, Attorney General John Ashcroft and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld pushed Mr. Ridge to elevate the public threat posture but he refused, according to the book. Mr. Ridge calls it a "dramatic and inconceivable" event that "proved most troublesome" and reinforced his decision to resign.

    Most troublesome indeed! Tut, tut, John and Don. That was a very naughty thing you did. What do you have to say for yourselves?

    Mr. Ashcroft could not be reached for comment. But Mark Corallo, who was his spokesman at the Justice Department, dismissed Mr. Ridge’s account. "Didn’t happen," he said. "Now would be a good time for Mr. Ridge to use his emergency duct tape."

    Coincidentally, Tom Ridge's own personal color-coded threat advisory system has now been raised to fuschia.

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  • It Was the Best of Lines, Worst of Lines

    The Politico News team published a list of the best lines and the worst gaffes by John McCain and Barack Obama, each with a commentary of how they affected the election's outcome, since these little nuggets are far more important than economic turmoil and that pesky international unrest that attempts to worm its way into the national dialog.

    The analysis didn't include Vice Gaffer Joe Biden, since his best gaffes would probably eat up all the available hard drive space on the Politico web server and cause the internets to collapse. There was no reason to cover half woman-half pitbull-half barracuda Sarah Palin, who ran a tight, gaffe-free campaign.

    Just like anyone else, I prefer seeing roadkill on the highway to roadside flowers, so I'll skip the best lines and head straight for the gaffes.

    There is no ranking for the top gaffes but they should be pretty obvious: When Obama said in Ohio that he wanted to "spread the wealth around", inadvertently launching the country music career of Joe the Plumber, and John McCain's one-two punch: when he couldn't remember how many houses he owned, just 3 weeks before claiming that the fundamentals of the economy were strong.

    There is a huge obvious error with this list: The worst gaffe John McCain made during the election was when he introduced his running mate as "Sarah Palin", which was a huge slip of the tongue.

    He meant to say "Tom Ridge."

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