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  • Rick Santorum's Bizarre Tonight Show Appearance

    It's always strange when failed presidential candidates appear on late night talk shows and act like it's some sort of hilarious sitcom reunion. And it's even weirder when that politician fueled his campaign by exploiting the bigotry and ignorance of the GOP base.

    Hey, remember that time I actively advocated for discriminating against gays? Ha. Remember when I based my whole campaign on limiting women's access to health care? Good times, good times.

    Behold the laugh riot that is Rick Santorum's appearance on the Tonight Show…



    At one point during the interview, Leno jokingly suggests that "the worst thing ever" for Santorum would be a gay couple smoking with contraceptives. Rick Santorum throws up his arms in mock disgust, saying "Oh my God. Heaven forbid!" Hahaha, what a jokester! He thinks gays and condoms are evil! He was almost president. LOL.

    Santorum also gave Leno one of his trademark sweater vests as a wacky souvenir from the campaign trail. But Leno probably won't wear it. It's not biker denim.

    Rick Santorum may not have won the nomination, but he did achieve one major accomplishment last night. He made Jay Leno seem likable.

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  • Jon Stewart on Megyn Kelly and Sarah Palin

    According to Fox News, they air actual objective news programming from 9am to 4pm and 6pm to 8pm, but as Jon Stewart pointed out on last night's Daily Show, that simply doesn't appear to be the case. Of course there's a reasonable explanation for this. Those time-slots were taken out of context. Fox does indeed show pure unbiased fact-based news from 9am to 4pm and 6pm to 8pm. And they do it every other February 29.

    Below, Jon praises the stand-up comedy debut of Sarah Palin.

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11pm / 10c.

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  • Condoleezza Rice Will Not "Chirp" at Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton

    So, I guess it's kind of official now. The Tonight Show is Meet the Press for dumb people…

    Here's the former Secretary of State responding to a question about Dick Cheney decision to be a total dick chain in the press lately…

    "I know what it's like to have people chirping at you when they perhaps don’t know what’s going on inside. These are quality people. I know them. They love the country. And they won't make the same decisions, perhaps, that we did. But I believe they'll do what they think is best for the country and I'll give my advice privately and keep it to myself."

    All this post-Bush-administration stuff is difficult for me to deal with. I kinda like the words coming out of her mouth now, but then I remember how easily she was led around by the nose for the past eight years, and I want kick a wall.

    Here's a response from Ed Morrissey, a conservative who's prone to clearer thinking when it comes to her…

    Rice gets it right on Cheney, but for the wrong reasons. “Chirping" at politicians come from disagreements on policy, and every American can speak to that. I think it’s bad politics (and another step away from a good tradition, of which Al Gore is more guilty) for Cheney to assume the lead in public Republican opposition to Obama’s policies, and that Republicans need the space to groom the next generation of leaders, and hopefully really soon.

    To dismiss Cheney's criticisms as “chirping” and suggest that a man who had been at the forefront of national-security policy doesn’t understand the issues is flat-out wrong.

    I agree. You can't really characterize anything Dick Cheney does as chirping.

    "Growling," "puking" or "festering" are probably better words to use.

    (via Matt Lewis)

    Update: Best comment ever?

    I thought Meet The Press was Meet The Press for dumb people? (Matt P)

    I think you're thinking of Fox News Sunday.

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  • Barack Obama's Appearance on The Tonight Show Was Totally a Triarchic Disorder Characterized by Subaverage Cognitive Functioning

    Last night, President Obama brushed aside criticisms that appearing on a late night talk show would diminish the position of the presidency and held his head high as he walked onto the stage of The Tonight Show to discuss — face to face, with Jay Leno and the rest of America — how much he hates retards

    [T]he president told host Jay Leno he'd been practicing at the White House's bowling alley but wasn't happy with his score of 129. Then he remarked: "It was like the Special Olympics or something."

    The audience laughed, but the White House quickly recognized the blunder. The Special Olympics is a non-profit organization dedicated to individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

    Of course, Barack Obama is an honorable man. So, once he realized that some people might not share his pleasure in making fun of people with mental disabilities, he picked up the phone on Air Force One and called Tim Shriver — the chairman of the Special Olympics — to apologize for making such a gay ass joke.

    And there were actually people who thought going on The Tonight Show would be a bad idea.

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  • Barack Obama and Jay Leno to Urinate All Over the American Flag

    Oh, by the way, it turns out that Barack Obama's appearance on The Tonight Show on Thursday will single-handedly destroy everything that The United States of America stands for.

    Just thought you should know.

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