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Tony Blair
  • Britain Still So So So Mad at Tony Blair

    The British people — who have never before been party to a brutal war or a lengthy colonial occupation — are still quite miffed over former Prime Minister Tony Blair's compliance with former President George W. Bush's war in Iraq.

    They're so peeved, in fact, that they've decided to subject their ex-leader to a second round of tough questions

    Blair, who sent 45,000 British troops to join the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, told the inquiry in his first appearance that Saddam Hussein was a threat to the world who had to be removed or disarmed.

    He also said he had no regrets about the military action, a comment that angered some of the relatives of the 179 British soldiers killed in Iraq.

    The inquiry, which began in November 2009 and is headed by former civil servant John Chilcot, was set up by Blair's successor Gordon Brown to learn lessons from the conflict and is not designed to assign guilt or blame to any individual.

    Presumably, the Brits are angry because this particular attack on a sovereign nation was not their own idea and did not involve muskets and dapper crimson-hued coats.

    It's enough to give any failed imperialist power a sadz.

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  • Tony Blair Exclusive Extended Interview from The Daily Show

    Unfortunately, due to the the limitations of basic cable, Jon Stewart and United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair didn't have quite enough time to come to a full understanding on how exactly to handle the threat of fundamentalist extremism on a global level. You know how these things go.

    So, since this is the Internet and there are no very interesting new videos of cats looking at things, here's the full interview in all its unedited glory…

    Part 1

    Interview continues with exclusive non-having-been-on-television-already footage after the jump.

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11pm / 10c.

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  • Dennis Quaid on Fat-Assing Himself Up to Play Bill Clinton

    Here's a very quick preview of Dennis Quaid as President Bill Clinton, Hope Davis as First Lady Hillary Clinton and Michael Sheen reprising his role as Prime Minister in HBO's upcoming film The Special Relationship

    Hmmmmm… I wonder how Quaid manage to capture Clinton's massive, um… essence?

    “I could have worn a suit to enhance my weight, but I didn't want to go that route,” the 56-year-old actor says. “I did it the way he did: I went to McDonald’s every day.”

    I hear that's the exact same way Clinton did it. Wait, oh. Damn it. Lemme give that another try.

    Dennis Quaid seems pretty convincing as the former President from the neck up. Though, I think the real stroke of genius was getting his brother Randy to play Clinton's gut. (Home and run.)

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  • Indecision Internationale 2010: Cameron and On and On and On

    The idea that world leaders might be educated at some of the world's finer institutes of higher education had, at one time, been considered a good thing. But the likes of George Bush put a stop to that.

    Now, we like our leaders to be, if not quite as dumb as shit, at least smeared across the face with said shit, preferably from a muddy rural field away from any suspicious higher spires of learning. In the US, this is an exercise in anti-intellectual snobbery that Pol Pot would have been proud of. In Britain, it’s not the anti-intellectual aspect, but the class issue.

    As it happens, David Cameron — Leader of the Opposition, head of the Conservative Party and prospective Prime Minister of Great Britain — went to Eton. A private school (known as a "public" school in the UK, in that anyone can go there — if they’ve got the money) of the higher order, which has taught more prime ministers and cabinet members than any others, along with its fair share of archbishops, bankers, newspaper editors and business directors. And for a time, that was fine. Now, however, it’s not.

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  • Indecision Internationale 2010: Rule Britannia, Britannia Waives the Rules

    American politics can get kind of exhausting, can't it? Sometimes it's nice to peer across the pond where the bobbies take the lift up to their flats to use the loo. Did you know that they have politics there, too? In fact, they're getting ready to have their first General Election since 2005. Here's some limey named Rich Johnston to wrap it all up for us.

    It's off. The United Kingdom General Election has been announced. This morning Prime Minister of Great Britain And Northern Ireland, Gordon Brown (you know, the bloke who stepped in after Tony Blair decided he wanted to go on holiday) took a cab to Buckingham Palace this morning to see the Queen (she had a bit of a headache after a night partying on meow-meow) and ask her to dissolve Parliament (along with a couple of soluble aspirin) in readiness for a General Election on May 6th.

    They say the past is a foreign country, people do things differently over there. Well Britain is a foreign country in the past. A modern democracy, it is tied into a feudal, monarchical system that it does its best to ignore yet never quite managing to. Just as America seems to value the interpreted opinions of the Founding Fathers over all — despite a number of them being racists, paedophiles and downright loons — so Britain looks to the Royal Family for all sorts of guidance, despite them being inbred German idiots.

    But rather than the two-year campaign which seems to dominate presidential politics in the US, Britain gets those two years condensed down into a mere one month's notice. As if we were just an employee in a call centre — and that's not far from the truth. The Prime Minister can basically call a General Election any time he or she fancies, up to five years between. In theory, this enables the ruling party to choose the best time to hold an election to ensure their re-election. In practice, it means politicians eek it out, clinging to power until they are forced screaming from office in mad terror.

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