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  • DNC Apologizes for Russian Warships Gaffe

    Leave it to the Democrats to honor the Ruskies. During the DNC tribute to war veterans, an image of a Soviet-era Russian warship appeared behind them on the screen. Is this what all the characters in Red Dawn fought and died for?

    That's not even the worst of it…

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  • Naked Lady Angers Vets by Literally Draping Herself in the Flag

    Libertarian activist Theresa "Darklady" Reed drew ire recently after unwittingly stumbling upon the number one misstep that a politically-minded woman can make in America. (Well, the number two misstep, maybe. Number one is not looking like a model in a Sears catalogue.)

    When it came time to drap herself in the U.S. flag, she did it literally instead of figuratively

    The photo, originally taken for a calendar of female libertarian politicians but never used, employs a 52-foot-long nylon American flag that Reed took from the Oregon Libertarian Party headquarters…

    Reed says she has received some messages of support for the image, which appears on a number of social networks. But veterans have also expressed anger, telling her she is dishonoring a flag that people have fought and died for.

    A woman wrapping her unclothed somewhat-overweight body in an American flag?! Gah! According to the unenforceable U.S.Flag Code, the U.S. flag "should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery," so that is a clear violation, and as such this woman deserves every bit of disdain she receives from patriotic Americans.

    That said, I don't even want to think about the vitriol that is hurled at these women here. Their lives must be a living hell of constant bombardment with righteous anger and indignity. It makes me cry just thinking of what these poor women must go through on a daily basis at the hands of testosterone-filled America-lovers.

    And let's not even think of how much this woman is hated by veterans for her blatant disrespect of Old Glory.

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  • Michelle Obama on The Colbert Report

    Michelle Obama is committed to helping military families get back on their feet in harsh economic times. This along with trying to lower childhood obesity? Why doesn't she just wear a t-shirt that says "I'm a better person than you"?

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    The interview continues after the jump. (Watch to see who she endorses for president in 2012.)

    The Colbert Report airs Monday through Thursday at 11:30/10:30c.

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  • Florida Democrats Honor Supreme Leader Barack Obama

    Barack ObamaLiberals often come under fire for their excessive praise of President Obama. Despite not living up to many of his campaign promises, Obama remains a god-like figure for the left.

    From the iconic "Hope" poster to women fainting at his speeches, Democrats just can't get enough of their Dear Leader

    A flag depicting an image of President Barack Obama was taken down from Lake County Democratic Party headquarters today after several veterans complained it was a "desecration."

    A short confrontation at the Democratic office ended when party chairwoman Nancy Hurlbert took down the controversial flag, which had been flying under an American flag on the same flagpole.

    "It's a cult of personality to show his face, like Stalin or Mao," said John Masterjohn, a former Marine and retired schoolteacher from Leesburg. "It's despicable. They don't realize how sick they are."

    What's wrong with an Obama-faced flag? If the President can win a Nobel Peace Prize while waging two wars, he can pretty much do anything.

    And he's almost finished a whole term. Why haven't we put his face on our money yet? The U.S. dollar is so worthless now, Republicans might not mind if we put Obama's head on it.


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    Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • Santorum Honors Separation of Church and State by Giving Federal Land to Church

    Rick Santorum wears his Catholicism on his sweater vest-less sleeve. He's obsessively anti-abortion, opposes contraception, and has approximately 5,643 children. So how does Santorum reconcile his strong religious views with America’s oldest and most sacred principle, the separation of church and state?

    Simple – he doesn't

    [A]s a US senator, Santorum engineered a controversial land deal that robbed the military's top veterans' home of tens of millions of dollars and worsened the deteriorating conditions at the facility…

    Santorum slipped an amendment into the 1999 National Defense Authorization Act handcuffing how the home could cash in on [49 acres of its land]. The amendment forced the Home to sell—and not lease—the land to its next-door neighbor, the Catholic University of America. Ultimately, the Catholic Church bought 46 acres of the tract for $22 million. The Home lost the land for good, and by its own estimates, pocketed $27 million less than the land's value and $83 million less than what it could've made under the lease plan.

    So, Santorum prevented the military from leasing its own land — and paying for the health and welfare of retired veterans — so the Catholic Church could pocket some more property. This is totally normal. Well, not for a U.S. politician, but for a medieval French king, it's totally normal to give land grants and other special kickbacks to the Church.

    Just think of all the other deals Santorum would engineer if elected President: millions in government subsidies to the chastity belt industry, sweater vests added to every military uniform and, of course, Dan Savage banned from using Google.

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