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Virginia Phillips
  • Barack Obama's "It Gets Better" Contribution

    Look, I don't want to denigrate Barack Obama's new contribution to Dan Savage's "It Get's Better" Project in response the recent rash of journalists reporting on gay teenage suicide. It's good. It's meaningful. It's important to have the leader of our country put his face out there in support of children who are being psychologically tortured for their sexual orientation. And solemnly pontificating vaguely inspirational platitudes fits very nicely in his wheelhouse…

    It's just that it occurs to me that — as opposed to taking the time to craft a three-minute speech with his writing team and then sitting down with the White House film crew — President Obama could have accomplished more to further the LGBT cause and bolster the egos of the children he's talking about here in this video by simply doing nothing for 60 days and allowing Southern California District Court Judge Virginia Phillips' ruling against the Constitutionality of Don't Ask, Don't Tell to become final.

    So, making a speech and sounding presidential or doing nothing and bringing about change? I guess you gotta play to your strengths.

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  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell Ruled Unconstitutional in Gaylifornia Federal Court

    Jeez, what is it with these California judges and their fondness for pretending it is okay to be a big gay homosexual? This week, Judge Virginia A. Phillips of Federal District Court just up and decided that Don't Ask, Don't Tell is unconstitutional! As if a "woman" is capable of making decisions about the "law."

    Enjoy these lameass details

    The plaintiffs, challenged the law under the Fifth and First Amendments to the Constitution, and Judge Phillips agreed.

    "The don’t ask, don’t tell act infringes the fundamental rights of United States service members in many ways," she wrote. "In order to justify the encroachment on these rights, defendants faced the burden at trial of showing the don’t ask, don’t tell act was necessary to significantly further the government’s important interests in military readiness and unit cohesion. Defendants failed to meet that burden."

    The rule, she wrote in an 86-page opinion, does not promote military readiness — and, in fact, has a "direct and deleterious effect" on the armed services. The decision is among a number of recent legal rulings that have suggested a growing judicial skepticism about measures that discriminate against homosexuals.

    Ewwwwwwwwwww! If this spoiled judicial princess has her way, guys who like to do it with guys and girls who like to do it with girls won't have to hide their partners and live a desperate lie? God, Virginia, just 'cause you're into TMI doesn't mean the rest of us are!

    So the gays get to be all honest and shit now, right?

    It will not change the policy right away; the judge called for the plaintiffs to submit a proposed injunction limiting the law by Sept. 16th, and invited defendants to submit their objections to the plan a week after that. A decision would follow, and even then would likely be stayed pending appeals.

    Blah blah blahhhh BORING! The Log Cabin Republicans who brought the suit and applauded the ruling are totally RINO and ought to go HOMO to whatever gay country they're from. And Virginia Phillips should go with them, and take her dumb gavel with her!

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