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Voter Fraud
  • HysteriaWatch 2012: Instagram May Cost Obama the Election!

    Dear people with boundary issues: If you take a picture of your ballot and post it on Instagram or the internet, you could be breaking the law, in which case your vote gets thrown out and your precious President Obama will never get a second term! (Romney supporters aren't that savvy. They just use the internet to "like" Facebook pictures of Scrooge McDuck swimming in money.)

    Voters doing this in Wisconsin and Colorado could very well find this coming around to bite them in the runoff

    Laws against displaying your ballot are motivated by concerns about vote buying, since voters being bribed might need to be prove they voted a certain way.

    While laws vary from state to state, the penalties for showing your ballot can be stiff.

    "It’s illegal to display your voted ballot and violators could be convicted of a misdemeanor,” Colorado secretary of state spokesman Richard Coolidge told ProPublica. The penalty, according to Colorado law: a fine of not more than $1000, imprisonment in county jail for not more than one year — or both.

    It's hard to not document every moment of your life for everybody in the world to not care about, but if you can manage to refrain this time, in a year from now you'll still be able to post a picture of yourself taking a birth control pill. I recommend using the Kelvin filter.

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  • Republican Proves Voter Fraud Exists by Engaging In It

    Hey! Republicans have been banging the voter fraud drum for a while now, trying to make people understand that this is a real issue that could potentially undermine our democracy. (Or, worse yet, undermine Republican efforts to undermine our democracy.)

    And those Democrats, did they listen? Ha! No, they just stood there and laughed in the face of potential disaster. Well, who's laughing now, Democrats?

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  • From the Pork Barrel: Tastes Great, Less Socialist

    * Is your choice of beer destroying America? Probably. Especially if you choice of blog-reading material is any indication.

    * The way I see it, we're about a week away from Mitt Romney going onto Neil Cavuto and claiming to be George W. Bush.

    * Finally! Republicans have proof of voter fraud in Florida. Just not the kind they wanted.

    * In an apparent attempt to stimulate the base and get young people to feel involved and get excited to go out and vote, Barack Obama is organizing 3,200 debate-watching parties across the nation. That's one party for every young person who is expected to vote.

    * Download our free iPhone and iPad app Indecision Election Companion and jump up into the the Peanut Gallery — our liveblog/instant reaction arena — to watch and respond with us as Paul Ryan lets his Rand flag fly this weekend on Fox News Sunday at 10 a.m.

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  • Rolling Across the Aisle Laughing, Week 5

    It's week 5 of Rolling Across the Aisle Laughing and things are getting RAAL. Last week we took a chance on political cartoons. Only one person voted, and it was purely on production value. We've therefore decided to throw their vote away and declare another election this week, because that's how democracy works!

    So, take a look at the candidates and vote in the comments section. And remember, it's fun to reach around and grab onto someone else's sense of humor sometimes.

    Week 5:

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  • AZ Republican Quits Race After Companion Accused of Voting from the Grave

    All the data show that voter impersonation is exceedingly rare. Way more Americans claim to be Elvis than pretend to be someone they're not at the voting booth.  Research showing that actual voter fraud is nearly nonexistent; accounting for 0.001% of the vote at most.

    Nevertheless, Republicans are convinced that vote fraud poses a serious challenge to the integrity of elections. One wonders how they can be so sure

    A Pinal County supervisor candidate has withdrawn from the race in the wake of voter-fraud allegations involving a former companion who, records show, has continued to vote by absentee ballot in the five years since her death.

    John Enright, 66, had been seeking the Republican nomination for county supervisor of District 5, an area that includes Apache Junction and Gold Canyon…

    His statement made no mention of the scandal unleashed in an anonymous, undated letter sent several weeks ago to the Pinal County Recorder's Office. As recently as this year, the letter alleged, someone had been filling out and mailing in absentee ballots addressed to a woman who died on Feb. 3, 2007. The woman, Sheila Nassar, and Enright lived together at the time of her death.

    Whether the allegations are true or not, it remains the case that the vast majority of voter ID legislation pressed in recent months is a response to in-person impersonation and doesn't apply to mail-in and absentee ballots disproportionately used by older, more Republican voters.

    But hey, this is Arizona, at least it's dry voter fraud.

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