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Voter Suppression
  • Our Endorsements: Alf Romney

    * "Oh Mitt!" is a show about a lovable alien trying to live with humans.

    * …Also: the Pope wears a funny hat.

    * Do you still <3 NY? Here's one way to show it.

    * The absentee ballot application, from McSweeney's.

    * Somebody charted the reasons some people won't vote.

    * Shooting down the walls of politics, Comedy Bang Bang!

    * The Romney boys are cracking the case this election eve.

    * Talking to your lover about politics, a helpful how-to guide.

    * At least one undecided voter is finally decided, from the Onion.

    * Believe the hype: This is easily the most electable candidate ever.

    * Barack O's Tacos, featuring Clownvis Presley. Need anyone say more?

    Nick Kroll makes cents of the numbers and Andy Kindler opines his opinions.

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  • Arizona Creates Special Voting Day for Spanish-Speaking Citizens

    Arizona catches a lot of flak for — let's be honest — its asshattery when it comes to how it treats the Hispanic community. For a state that was technically born in Mexico, Arizona spends a lot of time obsessing over the president's birth certificate and the legal papers of anyone with a darkened skin tone.

    Fortunately, for lovers of civil liberties and cultural tolerance, all that is in the past. In fact, Maricopa County, AZ has opened new frontiers in the accommodation of Spanish-speaking voters, by creating a special Election Day just for them…

    The document, which was attached to updated voter registration cards that were requested in person, lists the general election date as Nov. 8 in Spanish. An English translation on the document lists the correct date, Nov. 6.

    Between this and the news that Spanish-speaking voters in Florida are receiving phone calls from anonymous persons informing them that they can vote over the phone, it's clear we've turned a page in our voter suppression wars.

    And opened a whole new chapter.

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  • "Lazy" Voters Win Pennsylvania ID Case

    This morning, Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson blocked the Pennsylvania's Republican-sponsored voter ID law from going into effect during this election. It's a victory for the Obama campaign, voting rights groups, and according to the sponsor of the strict photo ID law Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, a victory for the shiftless horde

    Rather than making a ruling based on the constitution and the law, this judicial activist decision is skewed in favor of the lazy who refuse to exercise the necessary work ethic to meet the commonsense requirements to obtain an acceptable photo ID.

    I guess people dealing with "long lines and ill-informed clerks at driver's license centers and identification requirements that made it hard for some registered voters to get a state-issued photo ID" are lazy.

    But are they as lazy as people who want to win an election based on depressing minority participation rather than convincing a majority of people to vote for them?

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  • Happy National Voter Registration Day!

    South Carolina primary

    Today's the day when people all across America pull their Democracy Bludgeons from the back of the closet and take to the streets with torches burning to hunt down the mean old Disenfranchisement Gnome and beat him with an inch of his life, while the children sing and dance and gorge themselves with sweet corn paste treats. That's right, it's Voter Registration Day!

    On the off chance that you have not yet registered to vote, there is no better day in the whole year to right that wrong. In fact, some people think that's the whole reason this day exists. (Others believe it to have its origins in paganism.)

    MTV's Power of 12 website has even set up a webpage to make the process as easy and painless as possible. So, you really have no excuse.

    And remember, if you don't vote, the Disenfranchisement Gnome will make off with your spleen in the middle of the night.

    Photo by Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images

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  • Jim Cramer's Dad Allowed to Vote, Democracy Saved

    Yesterday, CNBC's official Dick Vitale impersonator Jim Cramer tweeted that his  father, a World War II veteran, would lose the ability to vote under Pennsylvania's recently-upheld voter ID law because he "does not drive, he is elderly, and can't prove his citizenship."

    Not to worry. If you're the dad of a cable television show host with 500,000 Twitter followers and having trouble meeting new ID requirements, the state of Pennsylvania is ON IT...

    Less than seven hours later, the "Mad Money" host tweeted that authorities with Pennsylvania's transportation office "came directly to the rescue" of his father…Jan McKnight of the Pennsylvania Department of Transporation told TPM that a fellow staffer alerted her to Cramer's tweet with an email. McKnight was then able to contact Cramer's publicist. The publicist gave Cramer's family a phone number for McKnight.

    So remember, if you're one of the 750,000 Pennsylvanians who lack adequate state-issued ID, all you need is a close relative who makes a living playing zany sound effects on television and you're golden.

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