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  • Movie Trailer For Oliver Stone's W.

    If Oliver's Stone's new bio-pic of the president's life, W., is one-tenth as scary and disturbing as the real thing, this looks like it could be the horror movie of the fall…

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  • Police Beat Up George Bush (or Some Guy Who Played Him or Something)

    As you may already know, Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright — who recently completed rolls as George W. Bush and Colin Powell in Oliver Stone's newest overwrought, psychobabble biopic, W. — were arrested in L.A. when a bar brawl broke out during the film's wrap party.

    New reports show that the two actors may have been brutalized by the arresting police officers

    Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright, who were arrested this past weekend at a Shreveport, La. bar, were pepper sprayed and tased by cops. And, we're told, police went on a vulgar rant — and portions were caught on cell phone video.

    Wow, Brolin and Wright must really be delivering realistic portrayals to elicit that kind of reaction. I'm getting excited for this movie.

    Before people start getting mad at me, let me just say that I'm kidding around. Of course this is a terribly unfortunate and disgusting incident of police misdoing. It's a travesty of justice.

    I mean, how can they beat up Jeffrey Wright when Richard Dreyfuss — who played Dick Cheney — was standing right there next to him and walked away scott free?!

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