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  • America's Five Most Democratic Counties

    According to the latest popular vote tallies, Barack Obama's gifts and the New Black Panther Party's GOTV efforts earned the president 65,331,508 votes compared to 60,698,920 votes for Mitt Romney. Those on the losing side of this result can find solace in the Five Best Counties for Conservative Republicans, where they may be cocooned miles away from the nearest NPR-listening, Prius-driving, Obama-voting liberal.

    For the winners, however, there's the realization that 60 million votes is still a ton of people. Are there any places in America where a Democrat can be away from the Romney-voting hordes and experience the same level of blissful epistemic closure as their conservative counterparts? Yes. Yes there are.

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  • Joe Biden Goes on a Costco Run

    Dear Democrats who still haven't received the "gifts" Mitt Romney accused the Obama administration of distributing: hope you like stuff that comes in 3-packs. This morning, Vice President Joe Biden "engaged in an extended Costco shopping spree, to the delight of shoppers and employees at the store, which just opened its doors to the public today," according to pool reports.

    Yes, the veep has his own Costco card. Yes, he hugged shoppers at random.  And yes, Twitter had a field day…

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  • Tweet Untweet: The Affect of Change

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  • Kiss Cam Do-Over: Your Newest Barack Obama Conspiracy

    Barack Obama, accompanied by the first lady, along with Malia, Joe Biden and former White House aide Reggie Love, attended an exhibition basketball game between the Brazilian and U.S. men's national teams at the Verizon Center last night. It was an opportunity to watch grown men other than Mitch McConnell and John Boehner try to block everything within reach.

    But the situation turned politically perilous when the Barack and Michelle Obama were shown on the "Kiss Cam" and refused to smooch. A pool report confirmed that the couple "smiled," but "didn't kiss," the crowd booing in response. Quelle Horreur!

    The president was given another chance on the Kiss Cam in the fourth quarter. This time, per the pool, "POTUS leaned in and kissed his wife. Cheers from crowd, cries of 'four more years' heard." Crisis averted, the jokes about how fortunate it was that, this time, David Cameron was not Obama's seatmate and guest of honor could now flow freely…but wait.

    According to NY Times White House correspondent Peter Baker, the press pool was in the motorcade getting ready to leave the arena when they were brought back in, just in time to catch the second kiss. Does this mean that this moment of affection was not a spontaneous outburst of love but a cynical political maneuver?

    There are so many questions.  What did the camera operator know and when did he know it? Is he going to be our new ambassador to France as payback for his role in this do-over conspiracy? Can we really trust a president who would mislead us via the most genuinely American of media, a gimmicky camera that broadcasts couples forced into public displays of affection to thousands of people in a basketball arena?

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  • Newseum Incident Reveals Irony Detection Bug in Mitt Romney Software

    Through the magic of computational learning theory, Mitt Romney's circuits have gradually evolved into a more workmanlike approximation of a human American. Gone is the haywire that programming that led the the young Romney to forcibly restyle the hair of his gay schoolmate, replaced by an algorithm that merely blocks the publication of anti-bullying guides due to objections to the words "bisexual" and "transgender" in passages about protecting certain students from harassment. Progress!

    But the human mind is wondrously complex, and some of its higher functions, like irony, still call forth runtime errors in the current version of Mittbot.

    On Wednesday, Mitt Romney held an event at the Newseum in Washington, D.C, a museum dedicated to news and journalism, operated by a foundation dedicated to "free press, free speech and free spirit for all people." After a 28-minute speech to members of the Business Roundtable, Romney stayed to take questions from the audience, but reporters were escorted out of the room and weren't allowed to listen to the exchange.

    As Michael Calderone points out, the Newseum features a 74-foot high engraving of the First Amendment, so it's not as if the wording about press freedoms were the wrong height.

    But a private event is a private event and a questionable commitment to transparency is a bipartisan reality. The Obama campaign did the exact same thing following a speech to business leaders in March, and has gone even further in private fundraisers, by confiscating attendees' cell phones, probably because electronic devices are presumed to be accomplices of Romney.

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