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  • Barack Obama Unable to Land Halfway Decent Scandal in Three Years

    Wow, talk about an ineffective president. It's not like the guy's not trying, but the guy just can't manage to accomplish anything in his first term, can he?

    [Yesterday] President Obama [broke] George W. Bush's record as the administration with the most scandal-free days since 1977. Yes, both Fast and Furious and Solyndra have forced the White House to do a lot of explaining, but they haven't met Dartmouth professor Brendan Nyhan's definition of a genuine scandal — yet.

    Nyhan says that political scientists generally see The Washington Post as a solid indicator of elite opinion — so for his study, a problem officially curdles into a scandal once the S-word is used in a reporter's own voice in a story that runs on the front page of the Post. Bush made it 34-months before he faced a scandal in the Post. And as of this morning, Obama has beaten that record.

    Not there haven't been plenty of close calls. In the Sept. 27 paper, the words "Solyndra scandal" were printed. But they didn't meet Nyhan's criteria for three reasons: 1) it was in a quote from Sen. Mitch McConnell, 2) it was in an opinion column by Dana Milbank, and 3) the story ran on page A08.

    Oh, he'll get there alright. But I fear it'll be too late to mean much. I can only hope that Mitt Romney is taking note of this and planning with some dead Indonesian school boys in his Martha's Vineyard mansion or something. I hear he's got some good advisers, so I'm pretty confident that he'll deliver early in his first term.

    You know, though. I hate to say it, but this is why the Democrats should have gone with John Edwards. When it comes to this type of political tradition, that guy is a true visionary.

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  • Michele Bachmann Maybe Has One or Two Electability Issues

    Famous 1980s conservative person George F. Will has written a thing about who the Republicans will nominate to lose to Barack Obama in 2012. Our purpose here is not to mock this smart WaPo columnist or his often-nuanced and interesting ideas (who knew conservatives had these?) but to provide additional illuminating commentary on his work.

    See if you can tell where the Pulitzer Prize-winning commentary leaves off and the Webby Award-winning commentary begins…

    Bachmann has been propelled by three strengths: Her natural aptitude [and hateful insanity], honed by considerable practice [in equating gay people with child molesters], has made her formidable at the presentational side of politics. She has perfect pitch for the nominating electorate's passions [which include homophobia, fly-fishing, and aggressive ignorance -- Hi, MN-6!]. And she has substantive private- and public-sector experience, as a tax lawyer [her J.D. is from psycho televangelical cult compound Oral Roberts University, where they actually, seriously speak in tongues] and as a legislator on, among others, the House Intelligence Committee.

    But she also has a deficiency — indiscipline [and inherent evil] — that can, if not promptly corrected, vitiate her assets [and reveal her as a blathering lunatic]… she plunges into peripheral and utterly optional subjects she has not mastered (e.g., the Founding Fathers and slavery) [and also: everything else in the world]. Her staff, which is not ready for prime time [neither were the Moonies], is not serving as a filter to protect her from eager but misinformed supporters, and from herself.

    Because our interjections are nearly indistinguishable from Will's opinions, it is the determination of the Indecision Forever Executive Editorial Council that George F. Will should be our new superstar blogger!

    We await your W-2 form with baited breath, Sir George.

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  • "These Kids Think Tweets Twit Themselves"

    Legends of journalistic lore, Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee, were somehow lured from their homes in the fossil record to star in this rather charming advertisement for the new Washington Post iPad app (which just so happens to have been made by a good friend of Indecision)…

    What is that machine that Woodward is using in the beginning of this video? Is that one of those mimeographing machines people used to use instead of the Internet?

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  • An American Love Story

    The romance of the season is not lost on WaPo political cartoonist Tom Toles…

    This always makes me cry.

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  • Quote Unquote: Our First Female President

    Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker shares an opinion that someone over at the Washington Post's thought was an acceptable thing to publish in its supposedly non-satire newspaper

    "If Bill Clinton was our first black president, as Toni Morrison once proclaimed, then Barack Obama may be our first woman president."

    But don't worry. She totally backs up her case in a way that isn't entirely embarrassing. Look, she even uses the phrase "rhetorical-testosterone deficit." There's a reason that she has been proclaimed the Post's first bag-of-hammers columnist.

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