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  • Democrats More Likely to Believe in Ghosts, Reincarnation, Other Scientifically-Proven Things

    Ed Brayton — over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars — discovered the best ever article from WorldNetDaily, a site that I really need to read more often because it is so smart.

    As WND points out, a new poll shows the actually embarrassing fact that

    Democrats are far more in touch with the dead than Republicans and they also visit fortune-tellers more often… The results also show that Democrats are far more likely to believe in supernatural phenomena than Republicans.

    Yikes! That's not a poll result to be proud of Democrats! What's funny is that since practically all liberals are born in late-December/early-January, that their innate Capricornian practicality would keep them from believing in deeply-embarrassing stuff like that.

    One thing's for sure: You won't catch conservatives buying into unprovable, ancient, mystical superstition like that. Isn't that right, very-next-paragraph-of-WorldNetDaily-article?

    The Bible has plenty to say about communicating with the dead and dabbling with mediums, psychics, fortune-tellers, witchcraft, astrology and characters such as the devil and his wicked demons. Find out specifics in this autographed, No. 1 best-seller that champions the truth of God!

    Right! You know, God didn't send Himself down to Earth to have Himself executed to appease Himself and forgive us for all the sins we weren't even aware we were committing for nothing!

    Come on, Democrats! Stop being so gullible and start worshiping the man who lives in the sky!

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  • Conservatives' Brilliant New Plan to Unseat Obama

    Just for a moment, pretend that you're an embittered, right wing, conspiracy theorist who really believes that the country was duped into electing a man who is unfit to be president because his U.S. citizen mother went into labor in a place that wasn't within the boarders of this country. Please, bear with me, and use your imagination for a moment.

    Even then — even if you really, honestly, believed that with all your heart — would you actually think that billboards like this were a good use of thousands of dollars?

    A national fund-raising campaign to erect billboards around the country questioning Barack Obama's eligibility for office was an instant hit with WND readers in its first 24 hours, said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of the company and the man who came up with the idea…

    More than $10,000 has been raised thus far from many hundreds of donors – more than enough to begin putting up the first billboards. The average donation was $25. WND will keep viewers up to date when billboards are erected.

    I don't wanna give you the impression that I'm against these billboards. I'm actually all in favor of hardcore conservatives spending their money to remind everyone else of exactly how silly there are.

    It helps those of us on the left to diffuse our own problem cases.

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  • You Might Not Be a Real Christian, Says Self-Appointed Judge of Christianity

    God knows American Evangelical Christians have a lot on their plates these days, what with their busy schedule of being intolerant of gays, intolerant of Muslims, intolerant of liberals and intolerant of environmentalists.

    So that's why it really warms my heart to see real Christians — like Dave Welsh, of WorldNetDaily — taking the time out of their busy schedules to be intolerant of their fellow Christians

    One of the most massive and widespread occurrences of identity theft has happened, and it is not even attracting the attention of local, state or national leaders… The "victim" is biblical Christianity, and the operatives of this fraud are millions of Americans, both clergy and laity, who are walking around using that identity with no right to do so.

    The consequences are a nation without the spiritual, moral, social and political anchor that held us firm through over 400 years of tempests and storms.

    I'm not even going to touch upon Christ-tinted misremembering of U.S. history or that obstinantly annoying First Amendment. I'd just like to argue, as a former Catholic, that we all have the right to practice Christianity as our conscience dictates…

    Many will insist that we all have the right to practice Christianity as our conscience dictates. Wrong.

    Oh. I stand corrected…

    We have the privilege of living out a faith based on absolute truth as given to us by the Author and Finisher of that faith without error or omission in His written word. If we want to invent our own religion, we are "free" to do so, "free" to reap the consequences and "free" to call it anything we want…

    What if I want to call it Christianity?

    …anything we want — but Christianity.

    Damn! He got me again. Looks like Dave Welsh has got all his bases covered. I guess he wins the argument.

    This must come as a blow to all those people who are just dying for the privilege of getting to self-identify with such a cool guy.

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  • The Mouth of a Liberal

    Ed Brayton points us to this comment from good, Christian WorldNetDaily reader in response to fuckin' Joe Biden's foul fuckin' mouth

    Profanity in all forms is normal for liberals. Ever seen a pro-life demonstration, with pro-life on one side of the street and pro-choice on the other? The conservatives will be praying or quietly pleading for life to be respected, while the choicers are spewing the most vile, hateful language they can think of.

    I've read that Rahm Emmanuel is legendary for his use of profanity. Hillary Clinton has an exceptually sharp tongue which has been caught on tape. The list goes on and on.

    It boils down to one's ethical, Christian beliefs. Most conservatives are Bible-believing Christians and are temperate in their language, prefering to pray rather than spew obscenities. Most liberals have no use for the Bible or interest in Christian principles, and it shows in their godless tirades and everyday use of profanity.

    It's truly disgraceful. Imagine people exercising free speech without the fear of retributive judgment of an invisible and angry sky god.

    The motherfuckin' nerve!

    (More comments at DFTCW.)

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