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  • Pat Boone's Brave Old World

    You know, I'm used to seeing some really weird, phantasmagorical nonsense on conservative "news" site WorldNetDaily, but this supposed dream from Pat Boone is completely out of control.

    I think maybe Boone has entered into a vision quest. Or I have. Or something…

    News Bulletin: In a stunning, unprecedented civilian uprising, President Obama, Vice President Biden, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid were recalled and sent packing. Practically overnight, responding to the national emergency, an extraordinary election propelled entertainer/activist Pat Boone into the White House.

    I don't know if this is more crazy or more sad. (Or is it maybe more crzad?) All I know is that I'm shocked to see Boone coming after the president like this. I would have expected better from a man who made a career of taking the works and ideas of smarter, more-talented black people and completely twisting them until they were unrecognizable, small-minded and forgettably awful.

    Anyway, I could really just blockquote the article, it's all so delusionally entertaining, but maybe it's better to just send you over there so you can read it on your own.

    I will, however, highlight this bit that Pharyngula's P.Z. Myers points to, because it's my favorite…

    As a man who intended to be a teacher myself [Ed note: Huh?], I issued an ultimatum to the teachers' unions: They would return to basic math, including arithmetic, and basic English (the mandated official language), and basic science devoid of unproven theories like evolution, sticking instead to factual evidence and not discounting "intelligent design" as the more scientific basis for life and existence.

    So, in this fantasy dream of his, evolution is one of those "unproven theories" that teachers are forced to shove down their students' throats, and Intelligent Design (i.e. the theory that somebody — whose name may or may not rhyme with Bezzus Niced — invented us all with magic) has a "more scientific basis" because of all of its "factual evidence."

    This kind of magical thinking from the Christian right is almost too childlike to really make fun of. Like, if you just wish really really really hard for faries to be real, they'll somehow pop into existence (and start using their magic wands to make gay people straight and stuff).

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  • Somebody's Trying to Hide Incredibly Well Known Pseudo-Scandals About Barack Obama from Wikipedia

    Uh oh. Looks like Chairman Obama has been siccing his Ministry of Information agents on Wikipedia to scrub his page clean of all the important, completely-not-conspiratory information about him…

    The brewing scandal was first reported by WorldNetDaily reporter Aaron Klein, who noticed that edits adding references to [William] Ayers and [Jeremiah] Wright, among other things, were quickly being undone by Wikipedia volunteers.

    Klein found it particularly alarming that a Wikipedia user called "Jerusalem21" was recently hit with a three-day wiki-suspension after twice posting the neutral and encyclopedic fact that there are "some doubts about whether Obama was born in the U.S. "

    That was Sunday. Fox picked up Klein's explosive scoop today, noting in the first paragraph that — in contrast to Obama's entry — the Wikipedia "pages for Ayers and Wright are heavily peppered with references to the president."

    What?! You mean the Wiki pages for Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright — two men who are talked about today solely because of their relationships with Barack Obama — mention their relationships with Barack Obama. But the page about Barack Obama doesn't mention them?

    What can they possibly write about on his page if not about Jeremiah Wright or William Ayers? Has he done anything else of importance besides know them?

    Well, I mean, besides the presidency thing.

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