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The Peanut Gallery: Tune your television to a debate, primary coverage or real-news political talk show and watch along with the Indecision bloggers and special guests. We'll provide live commentary and you can use our real-time interactive Reacticons to register your opinion about the flip-flopping, dodging and bulls**t. This isn't available on the Indecision website... or anywhere else. 

Snap Shots: Exclusive daily photo galleries capturing the 24-hour news cycle, with Indecision's trademark takes.

2012 Calendar: Keep track of key election dates and set reminders for upcoming Peanut Gallery events.

The Indecision blog: Tens of posts a day, now in shiny, swipe-able format. Read, comment and share it all to your favorite social networks.

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What's the Peanut Gallery? How does it work?
The Peanut Gallery is the thing you want to have open on your device while you're watching a Sunday morning politics show, a debate, a night of primary returns or a big speech. Indecision bloggers and special guests will be watching along with you and providing commentary in the Peanut Gallery's liveblog. You can submit comments there; we'll pull our favorites into the liveblog stream. You can also hit the big icons at the top of the screen--we call them Reacticons--to register your opinion in real time.

How do I know when there's a Peanut Gallery event?
Upcoming Peanut Gallery events are promoted on the app home screen and in the calendar. There'll be one every week. On any week that doesn't have a primary returns night, a debate or major speech, we'll be watching one of the Sunday morning politics talk shows--where candidates and their surrogates keep the spin going through the weekend.

Why am I seeing a Peanut Gallery event Recap instead of an upcoming Peanut Gallery event on the home screen?
If you missed a show, debate or primary returns night, you can relive the highlights with our Peanut Gallery Recaps. The next upcoming event will be promoted on the app home screen as soon as the web squirrels wake up from their nap.

Why do the Reacticons change size during a Peanut Gallery event?
Reacticons measure crowd response in real time: The more people hit a certain Reacticon, the bigger it gets relative to the others. This lets you track the Indecision community's opinion as an event or show unfolds.

I submitted a comment in the Peanut Gallery and it's not showing up. Why?
All Peanut Gallery comments are subject to moderation and editorial whim. If you are using profanity or hate speech, your comment won't get pulled into the liveblog stream (and we may have to ban you from participating). Now let's frame this in more positive terms: If your comment is smart and/or funny, on topic and relevant, chances are you won't have to ask this question.

Why aren't the Snap Shots galleries on the Indecision website?
Because they're a special treat for you, the savvy person who downloaded our app.